GIMP: Removing Noise from Digital Photos

I shot some low light photography at the youth group Halloween dance using a Casio Exilim point-n-shoot, and some of the photos had digital noise, or grain (as we called it in the days of film).

I searched the internet for some assistance in removing the digital noise using the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), and stumbled upon a well written post about how to remove digital noise.  The technique makes use of the GREYCstoration plugin for the GIMP.

I use the GIMP on Kubuntu Linux, and wondered if there was already a package created for GREYCstoration.

$ apt-cache search greyc
gimp-plugin-registry - A repository of optional extensions for The GIMP

I found it!  So I installed it:

$ sudo apt-get install gimp-plugin-registry

After restarting the GIMP, here are the results:

Low light photo (scaled)

Low light photo (scaled)

Low light photo (GREYCstoration, scaled)

Low light photo (GREYCstoration, scaled)

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