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My name is Steve Karg, and I write software (aka firmware) for a living. I thought I should dedicate some web space for the things I do. I mostly write embedded C for PC and microcontroller based controllers, but I have dabbled in a few other areas as well.

I am passionate about writing high quality software, and enjoy using Extreme Programming key practices.

I participate in an international standard for building automation and control networking called BACnet. I even wrote an open source BACnet protocol stack. I wrote some of the BACnet dissector code in Wireshark, and help maintain it. My PDF resume or Linked In profile show other things that I have done for work.

I contribute to Wikipedia as the user Skarg. I use Ubuntu Linux on the desktop at home and occasionally work, and run Debian Linux file, mail, and web servers at home and work. I have created a number of websites, and am the webmaster for several non-profit groups.

I am also an avid amateur photographer. You can see my work in my blog, on my website, at flickr, on Wikipedia, or at tookapic. I used to have a darkroom as a kid, and have had many cameras through the years. I shoot digital now. I also like creating clipart and drawing with Inkscape and contribute my work to the Open Clipart Project and Tux Paint.

Contact Information

Steve Karg
831 Riverchase Pkwy W
Birmingham, AL 35244


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  1. dan karg says:

    Hi son, Good thing you inherited your mother’s brains and learned writing from her. I still dabble in science thingy’s and marvel at God’s creations. Continue being the one you are. Love, Dad

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