About Steve

My name is Steve Karg, and I write software (aka firmware) for a living. I thought I should dedicate some web space for the things I do. I mostly write embedded C for PC and microcontroller based controllers, but I have dabbled in a few other areas as well.

I am passionate about writing high quality software, and enjoy using Extreme Programming key practices.

I participate in an international standard for building automation and control networking called BACnet. I even wrote an open source BACnet protocol stack. I wrote some of the BACnet dissector code in Wireshark, and help maintain it. My PDF resume or Linked In profile show other things that I have done for work.

I contribute to Wikipedia as the user Skarg. I use Ubuntu Linux on the desktop at home and occasionally work, and run Debian Linux file, mail, and web servers at home and work. I have created a number of websites, and am the webmaster for several non-profit groups.

I am also an avid amateur photographer. You can see my work in my blog, on my website, at flickr, on Wikipedia, or at tookapic. I used to have a darkroom as a kid, and have had many cameras through the years. I shoot digital now. I also like creating clipart and drawing with Inkscape and contribute my work to the Open Clipart Project and Tux Paint.

Contact Information

Steve Karg
831 Riverchase Pkwy W
Birmingham, AL 35244


3 Responses to About Steve

  1. dan karg says:

    Hi son, Good thing you inherited your mother’s brains and learned writing from her. I still dabble in science thingy’s and marvel at God’s creations. Continue being the one you are. Love, Dad

  2. max says:

    I like trains too

  3. O says:

    Dear Steve,

    I have recently discovered your websites. The insight you give us into your amazing life and adventures, as well at the absolute brilliance of your code (and your willingness to show the people of the internet all of your intrinsically beautiful life experiences.) I would really just like to thank you.. You have truly inherited your mother’s brains.

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