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Ubuntu Linux on Desktop PC

I refurbished a couple of PCs for my family to use, and installed the latest Ubuntu Linux on them – Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty.  I also updated my dual boot work computer with the latest Ubuntu – it was running Kubuntu … Continue reading

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AVR ISP mkII on Ubuntu Hardy

I created a BACnet Development Kit, compiled the open source BACnet Protocol Stack hosted on firmware using gcc-avr, and attempted to load the firmware onto the kit using an Atmel AVR ISP mkII USB programmer.  I connected the AVR … Continue reading

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Interrupt Safe Ring Buffer Library

I created a ring buffer library for embedded systems in C some years ago and have been using it when I need to add a simple queue to my software.  I knew it worked correctly since I created unit tests … Continue reading

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Sharkfest ’08 Conference for Wireshark

I was invited to attend Sharkfest ’08, a conference for Wireshark users and developers, held March 31-April 2 at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California. I had a great time, and am so grateful that Gerald invited me to … Continue reading

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Read the Fine Manual or Datasheet

I found a bug in my Atmel AVR ATmega168 port of the BACnet Stack at SourceForge. It was the result of having not read the AVR datasheet close enough. Here is what the datasheet said: The Transmit Complete (TXCn) Flag … Continue reading

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C/C++ Compiler Macros

Every once in awhile, I need a macro to work around a difference in a C compiler. For example, not every compiler for the Win32 platform has implemented C99 integer and boolean types, so I have stdint.h and stdbool.h files. … Continue reading

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Using GCC for ARM7 or AVR

Inspired by Building Bare-Metal ARM Systems with GNU series of articles, I recently ported the BACnet MS/TP datalink layer to an Atmel AT91SAM7S-EK board – an ARM7 processor – using a GCC cross compiler for ARM. I evaluated GNU Toolchain … Continue reading

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Quiet Surroundings without Distractions

I found Technical Drawing, Fifth Edition, by Giesecke, Mitchell, Spencer, and Hill, at a local Goodwill store. It is a wonderful book for those who want to learn about drafting. It is also great for woodworkers since it contains a … Continue reading

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Daylight savings time

It’s that time of year again. Time to spring forward. Well, not exactly the same time as last year. The formula for daylight savings time changed for this year. That meant that I had to rewrite firmware that used daylight … Continue reading

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Removing Airplane Window Haze

I like to take photographs of the earth while traveling in airplanes. Usually the passenger windows have a bit of a haze to them. I use The GIMP to get rid of the haze. Tools->Color Tools->Levels. I normally only have … Continue reading

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