Creating a website

I created a website the other day for a local parental support group called First, I registered the domain with GoDaddy. Then, I pointed the domains nameservers at the nameservers instead of the parked pages. Then, after waiting a couple of hours for propagation to occur, I installed PHPWebsite at that domain using the Fantastico installer.

PHPWebsite has great documentation. It doesn’t have WYSIWYG article editing. However, I was able to setup and configure the site, install themes, add events to the calendar, add menu items, create a links list, and get the site looking great in a very short time (a couple of evenings and an afternoon). All thanks to the great documentation. It makes me want to go and write great documentation for the projects I have worked on.

Jigsaw Puzzle

I needed to add some character to the site, and some clipart or photos would do the trick. I prefer to use open source content, so I went to OpenClipart and Burning Well. I found some nice Springtime clipart and adorned the site. I also found some clipart that wasn’t quite what I wanted, but after a few hours with Inkscape, I transformed the jigsaw puzzle piece into a mini jigsaw puzzle.

About skarg

I write software for a living. So, I dedicated some web space for some stuff that I have worked on. I mostly write embedded C for PC based controllers, but I have dabbled in a few other areas as well.
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