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Clouds from an AirplaneA post on the Wireshark developers mailing list showed up at the beginning of December, 2010, about the website.  Cloudshark is a website that allows you to view Wireshark captures online.  The captures can be in any capture format that Wireshark or T-Shark supports.  The site also allows linking to captures by using “” as the URL.  Here are a couple  captures that I have stored at my site:


Plugfest with Delta Controls

TimeSync Decode Noon

BACnet Services

About skarg

I write software for a living. So, I dedicated some web space for some stuff that I have worked on. I mostly write embedded C for PC based controllers, but I have dabbled in a few other areas as well.
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  1. CloudShark says:

    Thanks for the links! Hope you enjoy using CloudShark.

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