I learned the Personal Software Process from **A Discipline for Software Engineering** during lunchtime at work in 1996. During the course, the student is required to write some programs that perform statistical analysis of their data from writing the programs. I remember struggling to figure out the numerical methods for the programs, and then I stumbled upon Appendix A. It contained all the numerical methods that were needed in nice, procedural form. I occasionally get email about my Personal Software Process page where I have the programs and statistics posted from my experience. The most recent email asked about the chitest.c program, and what some of the results from the program meant. I had to dig out my book, and found Appendix A again, where all the nitty gritty details are explained. Ah, the memories.

I now mostly use Extreme Programming key practices instead of the data driven methods of PSP. Some day I’ll figure out Model-View-Presenter and be able to automatically test my user interfaces. Maybe someday I’ll even figure out how use Fitnesse to test my embedded systems.