Today was the final day of the BACnet Interoperability Workshop, or Plugfest as it is commonly called. Over the two and a half days we found only two bugs in the open source BACnet stack at SourceForge that I ported into our lighting panel in 5 days. I fixed both bugs in a few minutes and uploaded the firmware into the lighting panels using the in-circuit-debugger. The fixes were verified by the other vendor.

BTL Plugfest - Lighting panels and laptops

The MS/TP state machine worked. We tested it at 9600 baud, 19200 baud, and 38400 baud and worked fine. 76800 baud did not work, so I will need to figure out why. I may need to clock the processor at 40 MHz instead of 20 MHz to get some extra horsepower. I will also need to optimize the other processes, like the input reading and debouncing, to take less time in the main loop.

Lithonia Lighting and Loytec testing BACnet and DALI and LON.

The food was great and I met a lot of nice folks. Hopefully my flight home tomorrow will be uneventful.