SSPC-135 Meeting in Quebec City June 24, 2006

The BACnet committee and working groups met in Quebec City for the summer meeting. The meetings were mostly productive, especially for my Lighting Applications working group, which didn’t meet. However, our proposal for the Lighting Output object received discussion time during the SSPC-135 meeting on Saturday, Dave Fisher (of Polarsoft fame) and I edited it on Sunday afternoon, and it was discussed again on Monday during the SSPC-135 meeting. It will most likely be voted out in an addendum for public review at our November meeting.

Dave and Coleman near the wall around Old Quebec Quebec City was delightful! I had a little time to walk into Old Quebec, and also toured The Battlefields Park. I checked out Wikipedia to see if there were any articles on The Battlefields Park, and there were none. So I created one, and took pictures of it for the article. I also walked around Old Quebec with Dave and Coleman, two driving forces at Polarsoft, and did a little shopping as well. Dave and Coleman are delightful and intelligent and generally fun to hang out with. We often met other members of the BACnet committee while out and about in Old Quebec.

Saint Jean Baptiste Day fireworks!We were also in Quebec for the celebration on the eve of Saint Jean Baptiste Day. I walked up onto the Plains of Abraham in The Battlefields Park with Steve Bushby and Mike Newman, and we watched some of the free concert, waiting patiently for the fireworks. One of the Canadians on our committee, Roland Laird, stopped by and listened to the concert with us. We saw the bonfire, but decided to go back to the hotel shortly after 11pm. Apparently the celebration and concert lasted until 6am! I saw fireworks from my hotel room window around 12:30 am and also 1:30am (or was it 2:30am?). I added some photos of the event to the Wikipedia entry for Saint Jean Baptiste Day.