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BACnet MS/TP and Automatic Addressing

A recent query on the BACnet-L mailing list reminded me that I should probably post an update to my previous article about BACnet and Software Patents in 2009.  In the previous article, I lamented about a patent that was granted while the … Continue reading

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BACnet and Software Patents

I attended the BACnet Committee and working group meetings in November, 2009, in Atlanta, Georgia.  During the MS/TP working group meeting, it was disclosed that KMC had applied for a patent which invents automatic MAC addressing for MS/TP devices.  It … Continue reading

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DRM locks in consumers

I followed a story today that was on Slashdot about DRM (Digital Rights Management or Digital Restrictions Management). Ian Rogers posted some really good insight into DRM: As you know, we’ve been publicly trying to convince record labels that they … Continue reading

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