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USB Drive Read-Only

I was in a hurry on Sunday as our family was about to leave on a road trip to visit some relatives. Joshua had a problem copying some music from his Kubuntu Linux PC to an MP3 player that I … Continue reading

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Website backup using Linux Command Line

I needed to backup a website that I run onto a Linux server in my garage, and wondered what the easy button tool for Linux on the command line would be. Just try searching Google for “Website backup using Linux … Continue reading

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Linux in-flight entertainment

I traveled to Phoenix this week to give a BACnet and Lighting Applications presentation to the NEMA JSC on DALI. I flew there aboard a Song Airlines 757. During the powerup sequence for the plane, all the passengers were greeted … Continue reading

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Samba, CIFS, and Ubuntu Linux Server

I run a couple of servers at my house. One of them is my fileserver, and it uses Samba to do simple Windows filesharing. My 20 GB digital photos partition was full, so I got a 120 GB harddrive and … Continue reading

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ssh, VNC, and IMAP secure tunneling

I run an IMAP server in the garage so that I can have my e-mail and folders in a central location. I have a domain name that I point to and use ddclient to update the IP address. From … Continue reading

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