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I write software for a living. So, I dedicated some web space for some stuff that I have worked on. I mostly write embedded C for PC based controllers, but I have dabbled in a few other areas as well.

BACnet Bill

I received the news yesterday that my friend, Bill Swan, died after a sudden illness.  I had just seen Bill at the interim BACnet meetings in San Francisco at the beginning of May, 2011.  A week later he was in … Continue reading

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BACnet Meetings and Embedded Systems Conference

I had BACnet meetings the week of May 2, 2011, in San Francisco. It also happened that the Embedded Systems Conference was the same week in San Jose. I perused my BACnet meeting schedule, and found that I could attend … Continue reading

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Cloudshark – Wireshark in the Cloud

A post on the Wireshark developers mailing list showed up at the beginning of December, 2010, about the website.  Cloudshark is a website that allows you to view Wireshark captures online.  The captures can be in any capture format … Continue reading

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Wireshark on Ubuntu not as root

I often need to capture BACnet network traffic using Wireshark while I am running Ubuntu Linux. I’ve always had to run Wireshark as root (usually via gksu or kdesu) in order to capture from any interfaces (i.e. eth0, wlan0).  For … Continue reading

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BACnet Meeting in Albuquerque

I attended the recent BACnet meetings in Albuquerque, and in the process, learned to spell the city name!  I participated in the Lighting Applications working group, the Objects and Services working group, the BACnet SSPC, and the MS/TP working group. … Continue reading

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BACnet and Software Patents

I attended the BACnet Committee and working group meetings in November, 2009, in Atlanta, Georgia.  During the MS/TP working group meeting, it was disclosed that KMC had applied for a patent which invents automatic MAC addressing for MS/TP devices.  It … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Linux on Desktop PC

I refurbished a couple of PCs for my family to use, and installed the latest Ubuntu Linux on them – Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty.  I also updated my dual boot work computer with the latest Ubuntu – it was running Kubuntu … Continue reading

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AVR ISP mkII on Ubuntu Hardy

I created a BACnet Development Kit, compiled the open source BACnet Protocol Stack hosted on firmware using gcc-avr, and attempted to load the firmware onto the kit using an Atmel AVR ISP mkII USB programmer.  I connected the AVR … Continue reading

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Wireshark and BACnet MS/TP

I wrote an article about Analyzing BACnet with Wireshark for ASHRAE Journal special supplement BACnet Today.  ASHRAE is very particular about endorsing specific company products, and removed some references I had to information about how BACnet MS/TP can be supported … Continue reading

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GIMP: Removing Noise from Digital Photos

I shot some low light photography at the youth group Halloween dance using a Casio Exilim point-n-shoot, and some of the photos had digital noise, or grain (as we called it in the days of film). I searched the internet … Continue reading

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