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USB Drive Read-Only

I was in a hurry on Sunday as our family was about to leave on a road trip to visit some relatives. Joshua had a problem copying some music from his Kubuntu Linux PC to an MP3 player that I … Continue reading

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Autism Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

I helped create an Autism support group website several months ago. I needed some Autism related clipart and tried to find some of the colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces that are often found on Autism related sites and accessories. I didn’t … Continue reading

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La Chartreuse in HDR

La Chartreuse in HDR by bsidez. I learned something new about photography while eating lunch today and browsing flickr: HDR. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is a photography technique used to represent the wide range of intensity levels … Continue reading

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Website backup using Linux Command Line

I needed to backup a website that I run onto a Linux server in my garage, and wondered what the easy button tool for Linux on the command line would be. Just try searching Google for “Website backup using Linux … Continue reading

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